ATP Finals,London.
Semifinal:Rafael Nadal vs. Andy Murray
1st set:7-6 to Nadal after the best set of the tournament so far.Murray played aggressive from the beginning and kept it up until the tiebreaker where he might have “pressed” to hard,especially going for his first serve to much only making one out of seven.It must be really difficult to not go for a “cheap point”against Nadal but hitting to many 2nd serves will catch up to you and he nearly got the “balance’ between the two right.Nadal again played his best tennis when he needs it the most,in the tiebreaker.Score:7-5.
2nd set:Nadal started out strong and it looked like he was going to run away with it but Murray not only hung in there,he stepped it up and Nadal couldn’t follow suit.
Murray does have a great game to hurt Nadal.His twohanded backhand is one of the best shots in tennis at the moment when he uses all the options he has.The slice is well disguised and stays nice and low.His topspin crosscourt backhand is the best of it’s kind when he takes it early and steps into it.And on top of that he is also able to “hold on” to the down the line backhand so he keeps you guessing which way and what spin he’s gonna use!6-3,to Murray with two servicebreaks and a really strong mental effort by Andy.
3rd set:I hope you saw that!!Both guys playing some of the most inspiring tennis of their careers.Rafael Nadal wins it in a tiebreaker 8-6 on his 4th matchpoint and he deserved to win as he was in the lead the whole set.Serving for the match at 5-3,Nadal actually got a little”tight” for once and Murray used his backhand crosscourt to perfection to break back.Murray did have a momentary lapse of concentration at 3-4 serving and hitting two dropshots in two consecutive point and losing both and the game.He had not won one single point with a dropshot prior to those two and perhaps that’s what made the difference.Anyway,Nadal is through to the finals of the only “big title” he has not won and if he does win it will be the “greatest year “in mens tennis since Rod Laver won all 4 Grand Slams in ’69…Federer vs.Djokovic next,I love this game!!Mats.

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