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French Open Day 7

Another rainy day at Roland Garros. What a small difference there is between the top pros. Henin should have lost that match or at least I think it should have been closer. Sharapova came out firing. She was up 2-0 and 40-0 against Henin’s serve. She was blasting balls on the first break point, and […]

French Open Day 5

Rain, rain and more rain…matches at Roland Garros did not start until 3:30. Had a nice five-mile run in the rain through Paris and headed to the courts. Watched the beginning of the Dementieva match vs. Garrigues on court 2. What a court!!!!! Pedestrians walking the street can stop and peer over to watch the […]

Day four French Open

Holy smokes what a day! Arrived to Roland Garros at 12:30 to make a 1 o’clock luncheon with Lacoste (Mats sponsor) where we had lunch with Madame Lacoste (Mrs. Lacoste) and friends. Ran into Bahrami (exhibition specialist) as well as Jason Richardson (one of the greatest handball players of all time). Had an unbelievable meal, […]

Mats second blog

Did you see Rafael Nadal today?Apparently he was nervous,he said himself.That means that he cares more than most,and that’s trouble for the rest.He’s better than ever in his own mind and that’s all he needs to go on the hunt for the “best player in the world”.He is not as good as he can be […]

French Open Day 3

Wow what a day….. Being woken by Mats is now becoming routine. We woke to take an hour long cab ride to the Lacoste shop in Paris where any one with a contract picks up the new gear. What a different world that is! After an hour of watching Mats gather a new wardrobe, we […]

Day 2 French Open

Was once again woken by Mats at 1:30, (adjusting to time change is impossible in one day) as we were scheduled to hit on a practice court from 2-3. Courts in the first week are a hot commodity and you don’t want to miss your time frame. It was nearly 90 degrees, good practice, when […]