Was once again woken by Mats at 1:30, (adjusting to time change is impossible in one day) as we were scheduled to hit on a practice court from 2-3. Courts in the first week are a hot commodity and you don’t want to miss your time frame. It was nearly 90 degrees, good practice, when Karel suggested we play against his doubles team tomorrow (French Open winners) from last year (scheduled for four PM tomorrow). Finished practice, showered, walked to roland Garros, dropped off racquets to be strung for tomorrows match, and sat in the media seats to watch the Monfils match. I thought Kindlmann was going to come all the way back (it was unbelievable down two sets and 1-5 and match point against in the third and fought back to win the set 7-6). Watched Mats film his Eurosport for Game Set Mats and wrapped up the day. Big day tomorrow!!!!!!

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