Holy smokes what a day! Arrived to Roland Garros at 12:30 to make a 1 o’clock luncheon with Lacoste (Mats sponsor) where we had lunch with Madame Lacoste (Mrs. Lacoste) and friends. Ran into Bahrami (exhibition specialist) as well as Jason Richardson (one of the greatest handball players of all time). Had an unbelievable meal, and headed off to the Lacoste shop on site. Another unbelievable world! The shop is strategically but secretly hidden. Started to watch the Monfils vs. Fognini match until the rain delays began. Decided to seek shelter in the commentator’s booth with Mats where I filmed a video of his and his commentators’ thoughts on the match. Tried to upload the video but to no avail. (I will figure it out) After a forty-minute delay, matches finally resumed and Monfils held firm control. The match seemed not so interesting, so I left to visit Eurosport and watch all the matches from the control room. I waited until the score was 3-0 in the fifth set Fognini when I decided to return to watch the train wreck that was occurring. What a sight it turned into. At 4-4 the tournament director came to the court and (what seemed like he was asking) was to see if the players wished to keep playing. Monfils did. Fognini did not.  The decision was made to continue play and Fognini argued! The fans were relentless. They were hissing and booing for seven straight minutes while he complained. There were no lights; the scoreboard light was needed to illuminate the court, as were the lights from behind the courts. Fognini, after being assessed a point penalty, decided he would play. It was a complete circus. I could barely see the ball. Fognini held serve (barely). Monfils then served where Fognini had two match points that he completely choked. He missed two returns in a row. Monfils was cramping so bad in his right leg and, as a result, was spinning first serves in that had absolutely no pace. It was unbelievable! Every fan was screaming for Monfils to pull through. Monfils held on to save the match and play was suspended at 5-5. Mats then finished the day by filming Game Set Mats. What a day!!!!!

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