For the first time this year we will be spoiled by a Federer vs.Nadal matchup in an important event. It’s not a Grand Slam final, which I think these days is the premiere sporting event in the world, this one is a close second. Federer outplayed Djokovic in the semis from the first point to the last. I must say that allready at the US Open this year Roger looked not only like a different player but also better than ever. He was unlucky not to beat Djokovic there in the semis,he did have matchpoints, and hiring Paul Annacone as a coach was another genius stroke by Roger. It’s now really paying of, because the way he is playing now is not only better, it also breaks the rythm of his opponents. He is taking the ball much earlier and coming to the net more often and because of it improving his volley. He was never a very effective volleyer even though he looked good doing it. It’s much different now, he’s quicker in and deeper in his knees and is much harder to pass. So suddenly he doesn’t have to beat you with winners from the back, he will force his opponents to hit the “bullseye”or lose the point.
Can Roger beat Rafa tomorrow? Rafa is bound to feel a little tired after todays match against Murray and Federer is as fresh as the air here in Idaho! So yes, he can and will easily unless he really does have a Nadal complex. But on this surface, which looks medium fast with a pretty low bounds, I would be surprised if Nadal wins a set. This a “big” match for Federer. This is not a “big match” for Nadal, but a big trophy for him, one he doesn’t allready own. On the other hand the pressure that Federer is putting on himself to win this match is unmatched I would think,’cause if he doesn’t win this time around it means he has been beaten by Nadal on all four surfaces in the most important events on each surface. The real winners are us ,the viewers. Remember that Bjorn Borg quit pretty much as soon as McEnroe started beating him and McEnroe often talks about “losing”something after Borg quit, so soak it up, nothing lasts forever.Until tomorrow,Mats.

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