Only took one picture today!!!!!!! It was all that needed to be taken.


Practiced twice today for two hours with Mats on the clay. Holy smokes! There is a reason he was the king of Clay. Probably the best he has ever played against me. As a heavy American I could never get my feet under me. He glided! It was pretty awesome to watch his movement from across the net even as he took it to me. Spent the day watching Venus…clearly…. and then got a chance to watch my buddy from the Juniors Jamie Cerretani with his partner Adil Shamasdin almost beat Gael Monfils and Josselin Ouanna on Court 2. They had some unbelievable points! They were broken at 3-3 in the third. They had their chances though. Its awesome to see someone you grew up with (even though he lost) succeed at what he is doing.

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