Kim Clijsters is ending 2010 as the best and most consistent female player on planet Earth after having beaten Caroline Wozniacki in three sets.I have to say Kim is playing better as a ┬ámother than she did as someones girlfriend,much more at ease,looks more carefree without being careless and trying to use all “her tools” which sometimes makes for a “messy” match,but also confusing for her opponent.If she can keep this “mess” up and actually get even better at it,and believing in it day in and day out she has a good chance to even “catch”Serena Williams during 2011.
I’m on my way to the Czeck Republic after having played “Tennisclassic” in Budapest,Hungary on Saturday.Had yet another chance to play Ivan Lendl,that’s 4 times this year so far and still getting the best of him(who really cares…except him…) but this time he won a set,so he is improving at the tender age of 50!!
This friday I’m joined again by Ivan,Miroslav Mecir(-HELP!!!),Karel Novacek and the only legend from Sweden ever(sorry Stefan and me) Mr Bjorn Borg for an afternoon of tennis in Lendls hometown Ostrava.He hasn’t played tennis there since 1981 nor has he played Bjorn since then so that should be great fun.What a great job I have!Take care,be safe and take a lot of chances,Mats

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