Oh,to move like Andy Murray,to be as flexible as Novak Djokovic,or as “smooth”as Federer,how about the toughness of “Rafa”,even just “the hands” of McEnroe or the “coolness” of Bjorn Borg!Imagine NOT having any of any of that?
There stands Ivan Lendl! Maybe the most “confident” player of all time when he was at his best,.without challenging one of those guys at their strength.The ability he has to set goals that are reachable,is a talent of its own,and those goals are not based on the “oldfashioned”Be As Good As You Can Be”,no,they are based on other players.-I just want to be the best player in the world,whatever it takes!!That’s Lendl!
And now he has made up his mind to be good enough by Feb.28,2011 to beat McEnroe that night at the Madison Square Garden….he’s 0-4 against me since his “comeback” and I’m 0-who’s counting,against John in the last few years.I say watch out,when Ivan has made up his mind,no one is as determined! Take care,be safe and never stop moving,Mats.

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