What an unbelievable effort by Victor Troicki to bounce back and win the fifth deciding match after the disapointment he suffered yesterday in the doubles. To beat Michael Llodra 6-2, 6-2, 6-3 without letting Llodra into any of the three sets from the beginning might be the best match that he’ll ever play, certainly the most important. I know that Llodra is a great volleyer and if he ‘s going to win this match he has to do it at the net, but after “asking” the question to Troicki : Can you pass me all day, ’cause that’s your only chance to beat me?..and Troicki answers: Yes, today I can and I will so you should change your tactics or you’ll lose!! So what could Llodra have done? Stay in the rally longer and wait for a better opportunity to come forwards instead of “throwing” himself at the first possible chance, the court didn’t seem to play quick enough for that kind of attacking tennis.
It wouldn’t have made much difference how Llodra had played today ’cause Victor Troicki was just to good and Serbia deserves to win, and well done Novak Djokovic, not just for playing for his country, I hope Roger Federer next time he talks about goals he wants to achieve he mentions winning Davis Cup in the same breath as winning a gold medal in singles at the Olympics! After having seen that how could anyone say no to Davis Cup, and the chance to win at home in front of “your”fans!
Frances problems don’t end on the court, in fact the reason they don’t win the Davis Cup title is because of the players that are not playing. It’s great to see Tsonga and Gasquet support their team on site, but the team would be better of if they were able to play. I know that Tsonga is injured and has had a lot of bad luck with his health, but at what point is it time to do something about it? Maybe practice different, maybe less time in the gym, maybe lose a few kilos, like Nadal did when he had problems with his knees.
You have to change something, because from the bench you ain’t winning any matches and what’s up with Richard Gasquets hunger for winning? Is that it ? Is that all they are going to do in tennis, play a little here and there or is there “to much” team spirit in the french team, no one dares to step up and be the leader like Djokovic did and like Nadal has done and Roddick, so to Roger and the french , don’t be so afraid of “failure”. If you don’t play you sure as hell can’t win! Until next week,Mats.

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