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I am glad to have participated in the WoW clinic. It was fun and energetic and my feet was constantly off the ground as advised by Mats and Cameron as they mentioned that footwork was key to progress. I’ve applied that to my practice matches and it has definitely bore results. Thank you to both of you.

Christina Goh – 4/18/14

If you love tennis and want to work hard on you game, then be sure to participate in WOW. Mats and Cameron are excellent instructors who have a passion for tennis and bring out the best in everyone. Great fun and a great workout with two champions!

Jon Trotter, Longwood Cricket Club, Chestnut Hill, MA – 11/21/13

This was the 2nd time I participated in the WOW clinic at the River Club in New York, NY. The session is high energy and fun with a mixture of drills and match play. Lots of good tips for singles and doubles players. Mats and Cameron are great coaches and really push you to try your hardest and play your best. My favorite drill was the Heart Attack drill! Thank you so much for an amazing clinic!

Lucinda Bhavsar – 11/03/13

Was lucky enough to participate in a WOW clinic / reception last weekend at Longwood Cricket Club — and I had the time of my life! I thought I loved tennis … Mats and Cameron have tennis in their blood, and their enthusiasm, encouragement and teaching expertise are unmatched. If you ever have the chance to join or set up a WOW clinic, don’t hesitate! – Betsy Eggert, Revere, MA

Betsy Eggert – 8/25/13

This was my third year doing Wow at the Blue Ash Ohio rec center . It is always the highlight of my tennis year . Mats and Cameron are always fun and energetic . I have always picked up a great instructional lesson from the event everytime on a certain part of my game . If you have not done WOW yet I encourage you to get 8 tennis friends a court and give them a call.

Brad Council – 8/15/13

I had the best time in the clinic with both Mats and Cameron. They made the time fly by while managing to impart some invaluable advice about footwork, moving forward and keep one’s eye on the ball. All sage advice which they amply demonstrated during their highly entertaining exhibition match between John and Zhenya, two highly skilled local pros and Mats and Cameron. The games were filled with ATP quality shots…a great event from start to finish!! Glad I could participate. Hope to see both of them in February at the ATP 250 tournament in Delray Beach, Florida St James Tennis Club, Ottawa Ontario Canada August 6, 2013.

Colleen McGowan – 8/15/13

What a wonderful way to spend a day! Great place and people but what made it special is the outstanding instruction by the pro’s. I will try to “not talk as much” in the future, but then I have been trying for 60 plus years and have not been successful as yet. Thanks for a great experience. Life is good, Harry Hill

Harry Hill – 8/09/13

A unique concept, duo and experience. One that makes you want to come back for more. During the open-format exchanges (lunch) – it was said that aim of WoW was to inspire .. they have certainly achieved their goal – and then some. Many champions talk about giving back … not sure anyone has done this much, I have no idea what other word to say but : Thanks ! ps : see you next year :- ) the sweating contest is on …

Marc Grondin, Quebec City – 8/06/13

Hi everybody!
I was there on the 4th of august in Quebec city. The only word I can say is: WOW! We all know that Mats Wilander is a great tennis champion. But when we met him, which is even more impressive is the human being. Cameron and Mats are so caring and generous with their person. When they speak to you, you’re the only person in the world that exists. If you’re a true fan of tennis, particularly at the time of Mats Wilander, do not hesitate for a moment and enjoy this unique experience, you will not regret it! Cameron and Mats, we hope to see you again in Quebec for the third time next year!

Louis Gendron – 8/05/13

Best tennis clinic ever! Hard work and a lot of great tennis insights and coaching from both Mats and Cameron. Thanks!

Fredrik Engelhardt – 5/22/13

The energy and enthusiasm that Mats and Cameron brought to our club was off the charts. The drills, discussions about technique, humor, and the stories just kept you wanting the session to not end. I received a number of emails from participants later in the day who mentioned that this experience was a memorable one that they will never forget. We now need to start working on scheduling the next one!

Jeff Tudas-Hallbrook Country Club-Leawood, KS – 5/20/13

Mats & Cameron were awesome. We had an amazing tennis experience which involved challenging tennis drills and excellent strategy tips from a seven time Major Champion! The energy and enthusiasm on the courts was powerful. Mats & Cameron are passionate about the game of tennis and really enjoy mixing it up on the courts with their students. Can’t wait to do it again next year!

Jeff McIlroy – Fox Chapel Golf Club – Pittsburgh – 5/14/13

Mats and Cameron were high energy, full of great information and worked us like dogs. I absolutely loved every minute of it! My favorite moment was when Mats let me take a point off him in a volley exchange. Everyone who cheered for me thought I earned the point, but Mats and I knew better. “Shhhh, Mats, don’t tell anyone!!!”… This clinic was truly the experience of a lifetime. I was so incredibly pumped when I walked (or crawled) away! Can’t thank them enough!

Mark Centrella, Greenville Country Club in Wilmington, DE – 5/13/13

Mats and Cameron are the consummate professionals. The clinics are a great combination of intense workout, challenging drills, and just plain fun! Regardless of your level of play, Mats and Cameron make WOW an incredible experience for everyone! See you again next year.

Jon Brilliant, two time WOW participant – 5/12/13

Having Mats and Cameron at the club for a clinic was awesome, but to be able to step on the court and get tips from a 7 time Grand Slam champion was incredible. Got some great tips on my forehand and volley. The way they interacted with the participants speaks to the professionals they are. They were extremely personal and took the time to take pictures and give advice tailored to the individual player. It is an experience I will treasure and hope to see them again on their travels!

Jackie Roe, Greenville Country Club Wilmington, De – 5/11/13

Mats and Cameron put on a fabulous clinic here at Desert Highlands in Scottsdale this weekend. It was fun, professional and I came away with several great tips that I have already had fun putting into practice. Love the hands on format and thank you both for making it fun and meaningful. Enjoy!

Blaine Bolton – 3/26/13

The WOW experience is like none other. From the friendly greetings to the variety of drills and personal instruction, our group enjoyed every second of the high energy, fast-paced session. The passion Mats and Cameron bring to the sport is contagious and by the end, we all felt like we’d not only see greatness in action but we’d learned how to improve our own game!

Anne Price, Village Racquet and Health Club, Phoenix, AZ – 3/25/13

Mats and Cameron are consummate professionals…not only at tennis but at business as well. I got a counple of great tips, but also came away inspired to play even more tennis, and perhaps go on tour (in my next life.!!!)

Jana Sorensen – 3/25/13

I was surprised that Mats was so hands on. Received an excellent practice tip on returning lobs, footwork, and doubles play at the net, plus a very good and fun workout.
Really a great time! Thank you Mats and Cameron

Ted Todd – 3/04/13

On the day of our clinic in the small community of Mendocino California ( 3 hours north of the Golden Gate Bridge ) the skys decided to open up for us and provide a light rain right as the clinic began. Unscathed, Mats and Cameron proceeded ahead with modified drills ( for our safety ) and by the time our session had ended the courts were dry for the next round of players. Driving to our area is not easy ( very windy roads ) but they came as scheduled and played through the elements without issue. The instruction and drills very well helpful and a lot of fun. I am looking forward to attending another clinic with them when possible. I highly recommend WOW for a good lesson time and great fun.

Stephen Dunlap – 2/28/13

Mats and Cam put on the ultimate tennis show. They filled the day (for over 100 people) with drills, instruction and good fellowship. They handled themselves so well and were so charming and giving, that we plan to invite them back. Their visit to our club was the highlight of the year!

Ken Stutz, Berkeley Tennis Club – 2/23/13

Feb 10th at the Berkeley Tennis Club is a day I won’t forget. Getting to meet Mats Wilander and be on court with Mats and Cameron was priceless. They were both such nice engaging fellas, not to mention their outstanding tennis skills and both were so good at imparting useful information to us club players. I liked their format and enjoyed every moment. I learned lots of useful tips but the biggest thing I got from the clinic was preparation, preparation and preparation. Thanks for a wonderful experience!

Terri Coleman – 2/16/13

Thank you! to Mats and Cameron for rolling in on their Winnabago and spending the day hitting with us at MCC. The tennis and energy was GREAT, but I truly enjoyed the experience sitting and spending time with Mats during dinner and hearing all of the stories……..
Thanks to my wife for the great Christmas gift!

Andrew Oliver (Moraga Country Club) – 2/14/13

The Wilander on Wheels caravan rolled into the Berkeley Tennis Club this past Sunday and brought tons of energy and insight. Members both on the court and those watching were treated to hours of Mats’ and Cameron’s endless passion and engagement. For so many, the chance to be on the court with a player of Mats’ accomplishments was at once daunting, educational and a lot of fun. It will be fascinating to see how the energy generated by WOW continues to infuse our distinct tennis community. Certainly I felt intoxicated by it — and I wasn’t even one of the players.

Joel Drucker – 2/12/13

There are no words to describe what it was like to meet one of my childhood heros. Mats was such a nice person, and as we all know, a great thinker and a great player with passion for this terrific sport – a true talent. Cameron, you were awesome too! Good luck to you guys!

Harry Kaladjian – 12/17/12

Mats + Cameron are truly ambassadors for the game of tennis. We just finished our second year of WOW for our club and couldn’t be happier with the results. These guys are the total “real deal” in that they bring a very relatable style to how they present the drilling sessions and make every participant feel quite special. I can’t wait to bring them back next year for our third year’s experience.

I simply cannot give them a higher recommendation to anyone who loves the game of tennis. They are both very special people.

Bill Elek – Avondale Swim & Tennis Club – 11/11/12

What an incredible time. You guys are fun, energetic and totally kicked my butt!!! Would do it again in a heartbeat. Remember, keep your feet moving! Hope to see you soon…All the best. Evan

Evan Dechtman – 10/31/12

Specific individual instruction took place along with the teaching of each group of four; in my case, on my front foot in the backhand, on the placement of the back foot on the serve, and on volley movement, position and swing (well, one would expect this, and enjoy it very much, from Mats). He and Cameron make an excellent team. Personally, I don’t think they missed anything during our time on court.

Lawrence Groo – 9/27/12

I had such a great time hitting with Mats and Cameron. I was really nervous at the beginning of the clinic but Mats and Cameron made us all feel comfortable no matter what level of tennis player your are… we just had a blast working on our game. Running drills and getting instruction and insite from a #1 player in the world was amazing…. Hearing about tennis from their perspective was a really neat experience and I would highly recommend it for any tennis fan! Mats was so open to share his stories about matches and his life as a tennis pro… it was so interesting from a tennis and sports fan prospective. I am sure not too many people would be willing to be so open and honest about things. They are amazing ambassadors for the sport! I highly recommend the clinic and would do it again in a heartbeat! Thanks Mats and Cameron for coming to Edgemoor a 3rd year in a row!

Stacia Krantz – 9/25/12

I can’t thank Mats & Cameron enough for coming to Allenberry and really working the guys hard and making it so much fun to boot. It was a great time and the personal instruction was great. The drills are challenging and well worth the effort to put into. I was so much fun and exciting to get instruction from them both that it’s an experience we’ll never forget. It was such a great experience, we’re working on the next time. I would highly recommend it…you won’t regret it!

Bill Shambach – 9/25/12

Opportunity to train with Mats and Cameron far surpassed any of our expectations. They were really into it. By the end I saw 40, 50, and 60 year old men smile like kids again – amazing. WOW delivers so if you’re thinking about it, don’t think – do it.

Jack Snavely II – 9/25/12

What a wonderful experience! The perfect (belated) birthday gift for my husband; and our friends were thrilled with the experience as well. Besides being fantastic teachers, Mats and Cameron are 2 of the nicest, classiest, down to earth friendly guys anyone could ever want to meet. They learn everyone’s name in 2 minutes and use it all day. The experience is personalized to an extent we could not have anticipated. I agree with everything said below. They are incredibly gracious and giving individuals, happily posing for photos, signing personalized autographs and sharing their experiences. Hearing Mats talk about the game and his experiences was unique and fun. Cameron is a great guy who we all enjoyed talking to as well. This is everything I hoped for and more. One friend said it was the best tennis day of his life. Mats and Cameron live and love tennis and it shows and it’s obvious they enjoy teaching. But even more, they love people and are a joy to be around. No egos here. They thanked us! Overall a fantastic day and according to my husband, best birthday gift ever! We cannot thank them enough for a perfect day.

Beth Abott – 8/26/12

I would strongly recommend that anyone who is given the opportunity to participate in Wilander on Wheels jump at the once in a life time opportunity. Having played tennis in college in the 80’s, I didn’t expect to really learn anything new but rather looked forward to spending a leisurely 90 minute clinic session expecting Mats and Cameron to have a slow paced entertaining session. I couldn’t have been more wrong as the clinic was exhausting, extremely informative, but was indeed highly enjoyable. Mats and Cameron have stuck the perfect balance of instruction and drilling. I picked up numerous footwork tips and the cross over step they demonstrated has helped me pick up a step or two in my recovery frrom returning wide angle shots.The clinic also was very comprehensive in dealing with technical, mental, and strategic thinking on the court. Mats after the session held a very informative Q&A which was very insightful and I look forward to applying my lessons learned to future tennis matches. I give Mats and Cameron a 10 out of 10 for the Wilander on Wheels and wish them continued success in their future travels!

Michael Muldowney – 8/24/12

“WOW” is what you will say after participating in WOW. This is a once in a lifetime experience! You will learn so much about the physical and mental aspects of tennis in the 90 minute session. Mats and Cameron are so passionate about giving back to the game they love. As my brother states below, Mats will share some incredible stories about is playing days on the tour and his perspective on the mental aspect of the game today. I highly recommend WOW to all levels of players. Thanks!!

Leo Power – 8/24/12

Wilander on Wheels was truly a memorable experience! I’m a former Division 1 tennis player and wasn’t sure what to expect at WOW! The experience definitely exceeded my high expectations!! Mats and Cameron did an outstanding job of combining tennis strategy, a great work out and making it fun for everyone. It was a fast paced clinic and everyone at any level will get something out of it. Cameron & mats bring a lot of energy and you can see that they both passionat about tennis and love what they do. Mats was incredibly gracious with his time after the event and shared some great stories from his playing days and thoughts on today’s game. I recommend WOW to everyone and look forward to them coming back next year! Bill

Bill Power – 8/23/12

WOW is a great time. These two guys (Mats & Cameron) are fantastic. Their love for the game and genuine interest in people is so refreshing. This experience was amazing and not only do you get to hit with Mats and Cameron but because they keep the class sizes limited I actually learned so much as well. I picked up more in 90 minutes with these guys than I have in four years of lessons. Thanks!!!

Christine Cecchetti – 8/08/12

WOW is a total blast !! Great instruction from two great guys/players who make you work hard . I picked up some great advice on my serve , volleys and the cross over step when returning serve and playing on the baseline . Mats and Cameron are extremely friendly and easy to talk to …no egos . We had a lot of laughs and heard some great stories over dinner . If you have the opportunity to participate in WOW you must do it . Thanks to both of you for a great day of instuction and drills . Hope to see you both next year in Cincinnati . Safe travels and enjoy the Olympics . Best . Porter

Porter Castleberry Cincinati – 8/08/12

This was my second year doing WOW . I cannot wait till next year ! Small groups make for an intimate tennis instruction . Mats and Cameron both work as hard as you do in the clinc . It is the highlite of my summer again this year . What really makes it special is how nice Mats and Cameron are the knowledge of the game that they share with you . Thanks again for coming to Blue Ash !

Brad Council – 8/07/12

Definitly a bucket list experience! Not only great high energy instruction, but two class individuals in Matts and Cameron. Look forward to next year at Glenmoor CC in Canton, Ohio.

Steve Gyalai – 8/06/12

WOW is all I can say about WOW!!!!! these guys are gentlemen in every way. There is no better value in any clinic tennis or other wise. They take care to learn your name quickly, They provide incite and critique that is very specific toy you!!! This is a value at any price. To be able to play with 2 legends and genuine hard working professionals is a true blessing. If this experience does not blow you away it is your fault!!!
you guys are the BEST!!!

Jamie Powers – 8/06/12

I am still telling all my friends about the great experience I had playing and drilling with Mats and Cameron at The Essex in Vt.. We had perfect weather and I was lucky to have a small group,so I got more attention. Getting advice from pros is invaluable. I have been incorporating the advice I got in my regular games..it works! I tried to beat Mats down the line but could not:)Thanks for a very memorable experience

Mitchell Rieders – 7/30/12

Mats and Cameron,
Thank you so much for a terrific WOW experience in Quebec City this past Saturday, July 21st. It was a pleasure and an honour to be able to participate in your tennis clinics and share lunch with you two. You are both so generous and talented people. I learned a lot of new things both technical and tactical thanks to your teaching skills and vast experience.

I’m looking forward for you to come back next year!



Alain Thibault – 7/26/12


Corky Van Kleeck – 7/24/12

Wow visited us in Quebec city – for me a long-time tennis fan (and my family) it was a thrill. I sorely regretted not getting involved early enough to participate on court. Mats and Cameron were _very_ generous with the time, comments, encouragements. Mats is in unbelievable shape (so is Cameron) : it was a brutally hot day on July the 21st : and I never even heard them mention the heat ! I certainly hope they both come back soon : I will make every effort to join them this time. Even as a spectator it is not to be missed !
Again : amazing concept and the results speak for themselves : an afternoon of pure tennis enchantment.
ps : Mats must have martian dna, he hardly sweats.

Marc Grondin – 7/23/12

Will definitely be the highlight of my summer. In total agreement with the posts below…lots of very useful instruction, great drills and overall, a fantastic time. Mats and Cameron kept everyone involved the entire session and are great to work with. Would do it again in a heartbeat. One thing is for certain, if the people who participated at my club get 1st right of refusal in the future, nobody else will get a shot. Everyone loved it. Thanks again to WOW for coming to WRC!

Patrick Krill – 6/29/12

The clinic with Mats and Cameron was a highlight of my tennis-playing life. They packed a number of great drills and tips into the 2 hours. At 57 years old, I was a little concerned whether I’d be able to keep up, but, though they worked us hard, they emphasized the need to pace oneself and take necessary breaks. While I naturally wanted to hear every word out of Mats’ mouth — no disappointment there, he was always illuminating — working with Cameron was every bit as fun and useful. Best of all, they are both great guys who are a pleasure to be around. They made it personal as well as productive. Hanging around afterwards over lunch was the perfect way to top it off. I had a fabulous time. There’s nothing quite like a former #1, winner of Grand Slams, shouting your name along with the words, “… great shot.” My only regret is that I have since thought of so many things I wish I’d asked Mats, like analyzing the games of past and current players. Next time!

Scott Salk – 6/27/12

Still basking in the afterglow of my WOW drills on Sunday. Mats met me where I was and brought my game and my confidence up a level. His energy, his positive outlook, and his enthusiasm — all delightfully contagious. It really is thrilling to be on court with him. Cameron Lickle is awesome. Great tennis player. Super nice, smart, and just as upbeat and energetic as Mats. I thought I was crazy to do this drill, but I learned so much and really am playing better because of it. A great big thanks to both of them. When they come back to our club next year, I’ll be there!

Regina Stewart McCarthy – 6/27/12

When Mats said, “For the next 90 minutes, your heels will not touch the ground”, he was right. Mats and Cameron rocked Wood Valley Racquet Club in Topeka, Kansas with THREE amazing, exciting and wonderful clinics. Then they headed outdoors and heated up our outdoor courts with an exhibition match. They were fun, personable, took their time with everybody, signed autographs and made everyone feel a WOW experience. Even though they had a long trip ahead of them, they leisurely joined us at the Kansas Governor’s Mansion for some old fashion BBQ and a chance to talk about one of the best days ever in Topeka tennis. They exceeded all of our expectations and are two of the nicest people plus they play tennis like they’re still on tour! Thank you Mats and Cameron for a perfect day. But just so you know, our feet have still not touched back down to earth from the high of the Wilander on Wheels visit.

Ann Anderson – 6/23/12

WOW is a tennis experience not to be missed. Mats and Cameron are two of the greatest guys you’ll ever meet not to mention incredible teachers of the game. The clinics were outstanding. They put on an exhibition for the city of Topeka in 95 degree heat without blinking an eye. We are so appreciative of how far they came to get here but even more impressed with the lengths they went to to make this a day none of us will ever forget. Mats Wilander may have been #1 in the world as a player but there’s no question he’s by far the #1 ambassador of the game today. Thanks, guys.

Tim McManus, Topeka Kansas – 6/18/12

Great experience. High energy and fun~ Such an instructive clinic and with eight people participating I still felt like I got individualized instruction. Even though I twisted my ankle and went down (fractured 5th metatarsal) I was able to sit on the sidelines and learn by listening. Maybe the best part was getting carried by Cameron, when it was over, across the court!! WOW to the whole experience! I will be back next year when we have them back to our club. Have fun at the French Open guys!

Gina Sullivan/Winchester Country Club, Winchester, Virginia – 5/22/12

The WOW experience is not to be missed. I had a wonderful time during the lesson. Mats and Cameron are very personable. You feel like you have known them forever. They know everyone’s name within 5 minutes. They provide positive feedback and work at your level. I am ready to sign up the next time they are in town. The hour and a half seemed to fly by even with all of the running and hitting. I love the phrase “Bad Luck” then the shot is long. Forget the shot and move on to the next shot. Thank you for a great day of tennis. I still can’t believe I was serving to Mats Wilander. WOW!

Annoica Ingram – 5/15/12

Mats and Cameron, Thank you for sharing your passion and joy for tennis. Byond the obvious tennis experience of a lifetime you two have a remarkable energy that reminds us of what can be accomplished when people love what they do and graciously share that passion and knowledge with others. May your journey continue to be remarkable!

Adelaide Turnbull – 5/14/12

I was so impressed on how hard both Mats and Cameron worked on the court. They could have just stood, feed balls and talked, but they demonstrated each drill and honestly worked harder on the court than any participant. Today I tried to put what they taught us into effect…Mats coached us on positioning in doubles when your partner is serving…stand closer to the service line and when your hear your partner hit the ball you move in…I did this today and as the match went on I really had it down…made holding serve for my partner easier and once I got the timing down he held with ease. I have never poached so much in my life…such fun. The other major point I took from the clinic was “never stop moving”. Cameron told us our heals should never touch the court…his aggressiveness on the court is infectious! I worked hard on that today and I have to say I am more tired than usual after a match…it must be working!

I highly recommend if you have the chance to participate in WOW you should without a doubt do it…how many people can say they played tennis with a 7 time Grand Slam Champion and former number one in the world? I can’t wait to do this again. Thanks so much Mats and Cameron.

Ken Aicardi – 5/13/12

What a great memory. Strongly recommend WOW to anyone. Mats and Cameron were great. They were attentive to our needs and made sure that it was a special occasion for us. The tennis tips they gave were excellent and brought an entire new perspective on the game of tennis. Our group had a blast with lots of laughter and some serious tennis thrown in. Can’t wait to do it again.

Bruce Johnson – 5/8/12

Better than I could have imagined. Great tips, great energy and genuine people. Tips that could only come from top pros. Thanks again. We will do it again.I would give this session a 10/10.!!

Rob Fey – 5/8/12

Mats and Cameron are spectacular. One of the hardest and most instructive clinics I have ever participated in. All the players at The Houston Racquet Club are still talking about the event. Your professionalism , focus, and energy level are amazing. We are all looking forward to your next Houston visit.

Michael Stavinoha – 5/1/12

Great event. Insights from one of the greatest of all time in the comfort of your own club is hard to beat. Thanks for making this possible.

Leland Putterman – 4/30/12

Getting to hit with Mats was a dream opportunity for any tennis lover. The wonderful surprise was how much fun Cameron and Mats made the clinic. It was high-energy, instructional, fun and fast paced. Both Mats and Cameron were personable and engaging. Thanks! Can’t wait to see you back in St Helena.

Sharon Harris – 4/23/12

Mats and Cameron — thank you! Thank you for your passion, your hard work and your undivided attention during the WOW clinic. THE BEST tennis experience of my tennis life! The focus on movement and on proper court position was especially enlightening. All the running, foot work and repetition reminded me again just how fun tennis can be!

Ramon (4.5 / 5.0 player) – 4/23/12

I am still buzzing from the great clinic Cameron and Mats put on at Alpine Hills. What a treat! Mats and Cameron gave great tips and insight into my game which I used in my next USTA match and I believe helped my partner and I win 7-5 in the third. These guys are true gentlemen and so grounded it was a pleasure to spend sometime with them. My kids came out and wanted to meet Mats. He couldn’t have been nicer or more accessible. It was by far the most fun I have had playing tennis in a long time. I left inspired. Thank you guys!

Big George – 4/23/12

Mats and Cameron were easy to work with, and put on an excellent clinic for my clients at Potomac Tennis Club in Potomac MD. I got nothing but rave reviews. If you are looking for a extraordinary client appreciation event, this is it!

Tom Spottiswood – 10/03/11

I teach and compete in martial arts on the world scene and I have to say, it was an honor and privilege to play with Mats Wilander and Cameron Lickle. Although the tennis tips were great, the biggest lesson I learn was how humble Mats really is. Mats was picking up balls, cleaning the lines from the clay, and coming from a tennis Legend, that was the most impressive thing. Mats, you inspired me to be a better person and a better teacher. I look forward to being on the court with you again.

Morgann Paraskevas – 9/29/11

Attended a 1-1/2 hour clinic and both Mats and Cameron were phenomenal and taught the players with encouragement. They were kind and patient and keenly insightful and Mats spotted obvious flaws in my strokes and offered several improvement suggestions. They gave ample opportunity to practice these suggestions while evaluating and kept the interest of all the participants by offering a balanced mix of drills. GREAT warm-up drill! GREAT volley drill !
Thanks again to you both.

Luna Stanvliet – 9/22/11

WOW!! Today (17th Sep), my son 11 years old, Aantorik, (turned 11 on 8th Sep), had a 1.5 hr clinic with Mats & Cameron, at Tennis Addiction, PA. It was an wonderful experience. Mats, is a Celebrity & Tennis Icon by his own right. Their (Mats’ & Cameron’s) professionalism were second to none. Also, another noteworth thing was both of their “humanic” and humble behavior, especially for Mats’. Being him, for who he is, he can be moody. But he is NOT. My son had the opportuny to be personally trained and blessed by some of the elite coaches like: Alvaro Betancur, Howard Moore from the Harry Hoffman tennis academy. Experience with an Icon like Mats brought him back those memories and more. It’s a rare and rewording experience and inspirational to the aspiring tennis kids. Hearing his experiences from a ATP tour and Grand Slam days would be an additional benefit. I would like to have him again. Cameron invited me to come to Sun Valley for a vacation. We would like to do that to get more exclusive time with Mats. I would like to hear his stories. i want to know how he treated some of his memorable matches. There is a lot to learn from Mats. He is a kind of a person from whom you can easily ask and learn.

Debashis Ganguly – 9/17/11

WOW!!! Both Mats and Cameron are professions in their craft but what I really found inspiring is their attention to detail. They made my tennis fantasy at the Richmond County Country Club on Staten Island, New York a reality but most importantly they made it challenging and fun at the same time. It’s a great idea that this team came up with driving their Winnebago across the country and giving back to local tennis communities. Mats has been and will always continue to be a tennis icon. I have been a fan since I first saw Mats playing his countryman Stefan Edberg in the semifinals of the US Open back in 1987. I first met Mats way back when at an autograph signing at Jay Schweid pro shop in Manhattan. Mats was the same back then as he was at the clinic this past weekend (humble and friendly). As I began hitting my dreaded forehand which looks as if i am holding a frying pan right side up, both Mats and Cameron, although startled (lol), assisted me in trying to correct my flaws. I truly hope that they will be back next year and others can share in the same dream that I experienced.

John Hall – 9/05/11

The hour and a half clinic was one the best experiences I have ever had. I played both high school and college sports and both Mats and Cameron were by far the most professional and energetic people I have ever qmet. The passion you have for the game is contagious and I can’t wait to do it again.You guys rock! Jamie Rozzi

Jamie Rozzi – 8/29/11

Mats and Cameron, Thanks for a great tennis lesson at Four Bridges! It had been several years since I have played tennis and I was able to quickly take your advice and implement it into the drills. I think all the attendees had a great time and enjoyed their interaction with the two of you. I look forward to another session next year. It was a terrific experience!!

Jaideep Chunduri – 8/15/11

Mats and Cameron,
It was truly a pleasure having you guys at Court Mills in Beaumont! Playing doubles with Mats and Cameron was a hoot! The W.O.W. experience is better than a box seat at the US Open! Thanks again to Mats and Cameron for a great experience we will not forget! Best wishes, Kacy Kovac, Beaumont, Texas

Kacy Kovac – 8/5/11

My wife, Jean, and I were guests of Jean’s brother, John Kissick, on Sunday, 31 July 2011, in Pacific Palisades, CA. with WOW. It was an incredible experience to hit with Mats and Cameron and to get some much needed help with my “no lessons ever” game. Mats and Cameron are a terrific team, each with exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to make each and every person hitting with them feel special. Their format is spot-on and their knowledge of the game with all of its intricacies is amazing to experience! To spend an afternoon with Mats and Cameron has been a most memorable, fun, and instructive time. To be able to hit balls with a legend like Mats is a unbelievable and it makes one appreciate what high level players, even while greatly modifying their games, are capable of. This session has motivated me to work on my game and to get some much needed lessons and to get back to competing in some tournaments. Congratulations to Mats and Cameron for an exhilarating and outstanding format ! They get an A+ from this math professor! Efharisto para polle!(Greek for Thank you very much!)

Harry J. Pappas – 7/31/11

Both Mats and Cameron were very professional, polite, personable and patient..it was indeed a great experience to know these two great human beings..

Bal G. Vad, MD – July 22, 2011

This was an incredible tennis experience! If you are looking for a fun, high intensity workout then I definitely recommend WOW. Mats and Cameron are two of the most down to Earth people you will ever meet and their tennis knowledge is second to none. You won’t be disappointed!

Jacob Vernon – July 22, 2011

Mats and Cameron,
Everyone at Westmoreland, including me, is raving about what a phenomenal experience W.O.W. was this past weekend! It is by far the best single event I have ever been a part of at our beautiful club, and it was due to your hard work, professionalism, personality, fun, and of course, fantastic tennis instruction.
Thanks again for a wonderful event, best of luck going forward, and I hope you visit Westmoreland again next year and for years to come. It was a terrific experience!
Best Regards,

Dave Fritzsche – July 5, 2011

I signed up because I expected an awesome tennis experience which indeed was over the top, being able to play with Mats; as well as Cameron who likewise is an amazing tennis player. The drills were great and left me quite winded- gave me valuable insight and improved my game. However, as great as the tennis experience was, which was phenomenal, even greater, was learning that despite his success, accolades, and incredible record- Mats Wilander is a grand slam winner as a person- taking care to meet anyone and everyone who wanted to talk to him- meeting us/everyone on their level and just enjoying the time– as was Cameron- truly phenomenal! It was a special couple of outings for everyone at the Salt Creek Club-many thanks to you both…

Van Stapleton – June 30, 2011

The WOW session is the thrill of a lifetime for any tennis fan. Mats and Cameron deliver on everything promised in the website. They could not have been nicer to me and my son. I was amazed how they set the level of play to push you to your best without overwhelming you. The tone of the session was always fun, but Mats did give me a lot of game analysis and very useful tips. When I played again a few days later, I hit better than I had in years.
Thank you Mats and Cameron for making this available to the average tennis player. It was a day I will never forget!
Prakash Selvaraj
Chicago, IL

Prakash Selvaraj – June 27, 2011

Dear Mats!
Unforgettable minutes gave for me in Budapest!
I will be grateful to you eternally and I never forget you.
Please look at our common video and,if I will be a big tennis player give a thought to me:
Thank you,Welcom: Dominik Nyiri Hungary Dunakeszi 2120 Rezeda street 26 http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=domi+lendl+mats&aq=f

Dominik – March 28, 2011

My sister bought me a session at a WOW clinic as a Christmas gift. I was SO very excited to meet Mats Wilander in person. I had no idea that I would also get such an aerobic workout, and get so many game-changing and interesting tips. It was awesome. Cameron is a great teacher (and am I allowed to say not hard to keep your eyes on). I highly recommend the clinic – and want to point out what a great gift idea this is for your tennis-loving friends and family. The guys in my session that were high-level players got as much as I did out of the clinic – so it’s for everyone!

Susan Yeager – March 27, 2011

What an amazing and awesome experience! Our Courtside Tennis Club is abuzz with talk about having WOW back again. The men and women clinic participants ranged in age from 13 to 75 and in level from beginner to advanced intermediate. We are all sharing with friends and team mates what we learned and what they missed. The day was topped off with the most entertaining and enjoyable doubles exhibition. Being able to view the pros play up close and personal was so much better than TV . . . the shots were incredible! Thanks so much Mats and Cameron . . . I look forward to doing this again next year.
Sally Miller
Venice, Florida

Sally Miller – March 2, 2011

WOW! What an experience! I can’t believe how much I learned at the one and a half hour clinic. Thanks to Mats I have a new spin serve which I have always wanted! How great to be a part of a fun, dynamic group clinic that also offers personal attention. Thanks guys!
Cyndi DuFur
Sun Valley, Idaho

Cyndi DuFur – February 17, 2011

A truly phenomenal clinic. Like I said in my previous review of the WoW clinic, the drills are consistently helpful and the energy is positive. Moreover, Mats and Cameron do an excellent job of giving all of the players positive feed back and profound, yet simple, tips that help you achieve the next level in your tennis game.

Nice job guys- once again, it was an exceptional clinic.

Tim Kanellitsas – February 13, 2011

The WOW clinic was simply incredible. Not only were the high energy drills entertaining and helpful, both Mats and Cameron were able to maintain a positive, fun atmosphere for the entire 2 hours. With every new drill came a new tip that I could easily incorporate into my stroke, resulting in an immediate elevation of my tennis game. Furthermore, the only negative aspect of the clinic was the length. Towards the end, I found myself glancing at the clock, not wanting the drills, instruction, and clinic to end. In sum, it was the best clinic I have ever attended. Mats and Cameron, thank you both very much.

Tim Kanellitsas – December 30, 2010

WOW! The clinic with Mats and Cameron was the most enjoyable group lesson I have ever attended. Mats and Cameron were both very friendly, approachable and attentive. They had great insights for every player who attended. The players’ skill levels in this session varied from the equivalent of about a 3.5 to about a 4.5 USTA rating. The ages of players varied from about 17 to 55 years of age. Everybody felt as though they fit in and the various drills accomodated the different levels of skill. We all picked up valuable pointers on what we need to work on. Drills were fast paced and well thought out. Two hours were simply not enough and went by too quickly. I hope to attend another session in the near future. I was probably the weakest player in our session but I’m sure I had the most fun. 🙂 Thank you.

Hilke Gallant – December 29, 2010