The US Open is the last major of the year and it has a different “feel” than the other three. It’s not as “happy” as the Australian, not as “sexy” as the French and not as “quaint” as Wimbledon but it is “loud and wild’ and if you don’t like noise.. stay home.

To play well here you have to find an inner peace and enjoy the chaos, maybe “find a fan” who’s so into it that you can “feed” off of him or her. All the players will face these distractions which is why the US Open is more “fair” than the other three. Let’s take the players out on court 10, smell the hamburgers and hot dogs being cooked and listen to the vendors selling everything from wristbands to tracksuits and then go to the Arthur Ashe stadium where the “video screen” is more exciting than the live tennis being played. ‘Cause you might catch a glimpse of yourself or any other celebrity you cherish. You’ll even find that the players are “checking out the action”!

So what does it take to play well at the “Open”? Fall in love with something..could be a person..or a restaurant..or a song..or a building.. New York City is a place where the “sorry are left to cry” and the “lucky are turned into stars”!

“I’m a tennis fan”, I’m Mats Wilander

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