After sleeping in the most unbelievable RV park in College Park Maryland, which consequently hosts the coolest “uncool” western Friday dance off, we woke early to complete our week long

Wilander on Wheels gig in Washington with a 930 start time in Great Falls Virginia. Much thanks to Jack Porter for putting the event together. We then parked the WOW mobile at JTCC ( Which is an unbelievable tennis facility in College Park Maryland run by Ray Benton and company) and booked it to the airport for a seven hour trip to Paris. Arrived early morning, and moved into the apartment we have rented for the next two weeks. There is one bedroom and one bath with a pull out couch. Try to guess what the sleeping arrangements are there! Immediately I passed out on the pull out couch. Woke to Mats getting ready for his first airing of Game Set Mats for the French Open. Booked it(walked) over to Roland Garros, where the legend of Mats is bigger than expected, received credentials and found our way to Eurosport media center. Mats was taken into makeup and less than ten minutes later was on the air. The studio sits atop a practice court where Gail Monfils and Fernando Gonzalez were practicing. The first introduction, despite pre-show jitters by the crew, went fine and Mats and I rushed up to the commentators booth where he took over commentating the Tsonga/Brands match with Simon Reed at the beginning of the third set. I decided to walk around the grounds just to get familiar with surroundings. The formality, professionalism and love of tennis that the French have is like nothing I have ever seen. I then caught the fifth set of the Tsonga match as he defeated Brands 7-5 from the media viewing area. Mats immediately rushed over to the Eurosport media center for the first Game Set Mats live taping. We finished up, ate in the players lounge where I finally met Karel Novacek who Mats speaks of often and was formerly his doubles partner. He, by the way, is sleeping on the sofa of this apartment.  Getting ready for day 2. Pics to follow

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