Roger Federer won his 900th ATP tour match on thursday at the Stockholm Open and I would be very surprised if he hasn’t won his 1000th match before the end of 2012.Not only is he winning matches,he’s actually a better player right now than ever before.Hiring Paul Annacone as his coach was nessecary to try learn to play more aggresive,which is what he needs to do to beat Rafael Nadal ever again.The only problem is that both Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray love to play against “aggressive”players,but even though Roger lost to Djokovic at the US Open,he did have two matchpoints and was actually to defensive on at least one of them,I still like his chances in a 3-5 set match against both of those guys.Will we get to see a Federer-Nadal matchup at a Grand Slam in 2011?If we do and if RF keeps up his “new style,it could be the “greatest match of all time!Stay tuned for more blogs,in general on sundayevening/mondaymorning.Have a good weekend,Mats
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