Roger Federer won his 64th ATP title ion sunday in Sweden at the Stockholm Open.Good news for swedish tennis ’cause when you win a tournament,your’e likely to go back there next year.”Act as if you belong” is an expression that I personally,morally disagree with,but when you are playing tennis it’s most probably the single most imprtant “weapon” to use that your opponent can’t do anything about!Victoria Azarenka uses it better than most and she’s back on the winning trail after claiming the title in Moscow.She will be very “dangerous” in 2011,as the WTA tour is missing a “dominant”player right now!
WOW just spent a weekend in south New Jersey in Doylestown at “the Tennis Club of Doylestown and at the Cherry Hill Health and Raquet club.

For Wow, did two days of clinics and an exhibitionevent at the Doylestown Tennis racquet Club,where we conducted three “sold out clinics”and at the Cherry Hill Health and Raquet Club in south New Jersey.Both days went really well and as always WOW still “has never met a stranger”It’s amazing to me how good it feels to interact with people on and off the tenniscourt who are truly having a great time and all it really takes “is doing your best”and”live in the moment”.Everyone involved also did their best to raise money for the Cooper Childrens hospital in Cherry Hill.,there’s a lot of people to thank for this weekend,Mark Macler,Ed/karen and Jim in Doylestownand Chuck/Brian in Cherry Hill and for me personally-Cameron and Mark,great job,you had all your “boxes ticked” again!You who read this blog, wll be”hearing”from me again in a week.”Be safe” and “take a lot of chances”

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